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ALERT! As of June 23, if you are not a member of the Northampton Club, the Greenfield Club, or the Pembury Club, and you want to play in our games, you need to email Bob or Robert again. Read details on
Pembury Bridge Club Schedule (Host: Robert Brodeur)
Monday 2:45 PM
Tuesday 2:45 PM
Friday    2:45 PM

Contact Info - BBO - Vacb113977 , Email -

View Pembury Results 

*Note: if we do not get enough entries we will continue to modify schedule. As more players show interest we can add more games. We would like to grow to a point to accommodate limited games such as 299er.

Northampton Bridge Club Schedule (Host: Bob Sagor)
Tuesday      7:00 PM
Wednesday 1:00 PM

*Note: The Board has decided to reduce the price of our BBO games to $4.00 starting June 23. As the number of players has increased we are confident that we can continue to cover our costs and wanted to pass on the savings to our members.

Contact Info - BBO - Vacb126698 , Email -

View Northampton Results    View Northampton Website

How to Register for BBO
Video - How to get your way around BBO
1. open up web browser
2. goto Http://
3. Click "Become a member (free!)"
4. Enter unique username (it will say available if unused by other members)
5. Enter a password you will remember (something easy)
6. Repeat that password in "confirm Password"
7. Enter your email address
8. Name is optional but handy when looking for friends/partners
9. Enter ACBL# (strata is set based on masterpoints)
10. check box "I agree to the Terms of Service"
11. Click "register" 
11a. if error on screen you may need to fix issue and try again.
12. Verify account in your email.
*note: if you would like a Video on how to register for BBO: click this link
How to login to BBO:
1. Open up we browser
2. goto
3. enter username (you must first register if you have not already done so, see "how to register for BBO")
4. enter password (you may need to delete a previously saved entry)
5. click login (see notes if issue)
*notes:  If BBO says no connection, click log in again.
*notes:  If BBO says invalid username or password, delete username and password and retype it again.
How to Buy BB$:
1. log into BBO
2. At the top of your screen, on the far right, is a blue button labelled "BB$", Click it.
3. Click "purchase BB$"
4. You will be asked for your BBO username and password (to verify you are you)
5. You will then enter your credit card information and follow the prompts
*notes: keep in mind users typically buy more than 1 entry and you will be charged the amount you specify. 
        example $20
How to Register with a partner:
*2 hours before the game starts
1. Log onto BBO (go to website in your browser)
2. Click on "Virtual Clubs"
3. Click on "ACBL Virtual Clubs"
4. Search/Find and Select the club name, such as "Pembury Bridge Club" or "Northampton Bridge Club"
5. Enter the BBO username of your partner on the line where it says "Partner"
6. Click the "Invite" button
7. Have your partner online to accept the Invite.
8. Be sure both you and your partner are logged into BBO at game start 
How to Register without a partner:
1. Log onto BBO (go to website in your browser)
2. Click on "Virtual Clubs"
3. Click on "ACBL Virtual Clubs"
4. Search/Find and Select the club name, such as "Pembury Bridge Club" or "Northampton Bridge Club"
5. click on Partnership desk, select "I will pay for myself"
6. wait for another player to invite you or invite another player looking for partner
*Notes: you need to be online till you are registered with partner
How to Register as a Substitute:
*Notes: If game starts and you did not find a partner. If we have a "sitout" I will be filling 
        the seats with outside players. 
        If you would like to fill a seat then you would substitute.

1. Log onto BBO (go to website in your browser)
2. Click on "Virtual Clubs"
3. Click on "ACBL Virtual Clubs"
4. Click on "Substitutes"
5. Check box "I am willing to be a substitute in any tournament" and close box
6. you will get invites from any club looking for sub. you can accept from anyone, but if you were 
   going to sub for me then wait for Pembury Bridge Club invite.
How to Alert your OWN bids-
The biggest difference between face-to-face bridge and on-line bridge is that in on-line bridge we alert and explain our own bids, 
rather than having our partner do so. The alerts and explanations are conveyed to both opponents, 
but remain invisible to our partner, so there is no risk of passing unauthorized information to partner.

To alert a bid:
Click on the ALERT button in the bidding box area, just below where you select your bid.
You should do this BEFORE selecting your actual bid.
You can enter an explanation for the bid on the line next to the ALERT button.
AFTER that, you enter your bid in the usual way.
The alert (and explanation) are conveyed to your opponents, but not to your partner.

To ask for an explanation for an opponent's bid:
Just click on the bid in the auction.
This will open a box on the bidder's screen where he can enter an explanation.

To explain your own bid:
Click on a bid that YOU have made, and a box will appear where you can enter information about that bid, 
which will be conveyed to your opponents.
*note: Since there is no risk of conveying information to partner, the online culture is to give significantly more explanations to your opponents that you might have done face-to face. Even bids you think your opponents ought to understand, and which might not be alertable normally, might be worth a word or two of explanation (e.g. "5+ spades", or "11-15 hcp", or "negative"). Ethical players are forthcoming about their agreements, and don't wait to be asked.

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