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WMBA Annual Meeting & Lunch & UNIT Game

Western Mass Bridge Association (WMBA) (ACBL Unit # 196) BRIDGE!   FOOD!   PARTY!   BRIDGE!   FOOD!   PARTY!
OPEN GAME & 299er GAME Schedule 12:00 PM -- Lunch Buffet 12:45 PM -- WMBA Annual Meeting & Election of Officers 1:00 PM (or immediately after meeting) -- Unit Game (plan to be out by 5 PM) 2018 W.M.B.A. BATCHELER PAIRS GAME Open Game Stratifications: A: no limit; B: <1500; C: <500 299er Game Stratifications: A: <300; B: <100; C: <20 Location The Christ United Methodist Church 271 Rocky Hill Road, Northampton (Rte 66) Cost Food is free Game is $5 per person, partially subsidized by Unit 196 RSVP by September 18 to Peter Samsel By phone: 413-441-5934 or By email: (preferred contact method) with information: Name, ACBL #, & current number of masterpoints Partner name, ACBL #, & current number of masterpoints Choice of open game or 299er game Do you need to sit N-S for mobility reasons?…

Unit 196 Top 10s

Top 10 Masterpoints LifetimeRankMP'sName116117.49KANTOR, Simon26391.61SULLIVAN, George35724.51LAVIN, Robert45289.63CHAWLA, Kamla54562.70JODER, Timothy64155.01GALASKI, Philippe73875.13BACON, Paul83804.53PERELL, Ellen93618.48HASTINGS, James103516.45ROCK, DavidTop 10 Masterpoints This YearRankMP'sName1329.9BACON, Paul2279.94GALASKI, Philippe3216.07SAGOR, Robert4172.74LAVIN, Robert5122.23MORGAN, Fran6107.25DRABEK, Yan7104.78OSOFSKY, James888.99KANTOR, Simon986.06NETTLER, Jan1080.02HYDE, Judith