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Play Virtual Club Game Online!

ALERT! As of June 23, if you are not a member of the Northampton Club, the Greenfield Club, or the Pembury Club, and you want to play in our games, you need to email Bob or Robert again. Read details on . Pembury Bridge Club Schedule (Host: Robert Brodeur) Monday 2:45 PM Tuesday 2:45 PM Friday    2:45 PM Contact Info - BBO - Vacb113977 , Email - View Pembury Results   *Note: if we do not get enough entries we will continue to modify schedule. As more players show interest we can add more games. We would like to grow to a point to accommodate limited games such as 299er. Northampton Bridge Club Schedule (Host: Bob Sagor) Tuesday      7:00 PM Wednesday 1:00 PM *Note: The Board has decided to reduce the price of our BBO games to $4.00 starting June 23. As the number of players has increased we are confident that we can continue to cover our costs and wanted to pass on the savings to our members. Contact