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Northampton Game on Dec 17 Tuesday is Cancelled!

Today's game is cancelled due to snow and wintry mix!
Please pass the word around.

Unit 196 Top 10s

Top 10 Masterpoints LifetimeRankMP'sName116139.50KANTOR, Simon26441.80SULLIVAN, George35755.98LAVIN, Robert45289.63CHAWLA, Kamla54583.08JODER, Timothy64210.53GALASKI, Philippe73972.49BACON, Paul83811.50PERELL, Ellen93622.31HASTINGS, James103516.45ROCK, DavidTop 10 Masterpoints This YearRankMP'sName1427.35BACON, Paul2326.46GALASKI, Philippe3246.99SAGOR, Robert4204.21LAVIN, Robert5140.73DRABEK, Yan6136.65MORGAN, Fran7132.57OSOFSKY, James8114.61NETTLER, Jan9111.00KANTOR, Simon1093.49WINSLOW, Margaret

KUDOS - Dec 1, 2019

Congratulations to the following unit members who have recently achieved new rank status(reported by ACBL 10/31/19 - 12/01/19)NEW SECTIONAL MASTERS Robert Leitch, Amherst MA NEW REGIONAL MASTERS Heidi Beal, Pittsfield MA Judith A McNutt, Pittsfield MA NEW NABC MASTERS Michael Ramella, Gt Barrington MA Allison Ryan, Florence MA NEW BRONZE LIFE MASTERS Robert C Brodeur, Pittsfield MA