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Berkshire South Bridge Club to Reopen in Summer

From Letters of Dan Philip (exerpt): AFTER LENGHTY DISCUSSIONS WITH THE ACBL, JANE AND I ARE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THAT OUR 13th YEAR OF MONDAY/THURSDAY SUMMER BRIDGE WILL BEGIN AT BERKSHIRE SOUTH REGIONAL COMMUNITY CENTER ON THURSDAY, MAY 27TH. While we all recognize there are some risks involved in any group gathering, the precautions these clubs have taken have reduced those risks to a level that more and more players are finding acceptable. Hence, more and more clubs are opening every month. Our current plan for the summer game includes the following steps to minimize the chance of infection: Sanitizing all tables and chairs prior to every game Requiring proof of full vaccination Wearing masks (mandatory), shields (optional) Limiting the number of tables to ensure proper social distancing Providing hand sanitizers at every table Not allowing food, but drinks are okay if in closed containers 72 hour quarantine of all bridge equipment after use Requiri

Swiss Team Event on March 19, 2:45pm

Members of Unit 196 (Western MA Bridge) We are running a swiss team event on Friday, March 19, at 2:45. We will run this game in place of the regularly scheduled open pairs game run by the Pembury club. The game will be run on BBO, and will be stratified just as the BBO pairs games are stratified. What you need to know about this game: Time: Friday, March 19 at 2:45 Venue: BBO Virtual games Who is eligible: Anyone who is eligible to play in the Northampton or Pembury games is eligible Why play? Two reasons: We have a long tradition in Northampton and Pembury of playing a team game every so often. It is a fun change in the routine. For those who plan to play in the GNT this spring, the format will be a swiss team event on BBO, so this game would be an ideal way to get comfortable with the format. For those who do not know the GNT is a national championship event which begins with an event in each district. Our New England District 25 will send three teams