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Congratulations to our members who have recently achieved new rank status (reported by ACBL 12/01/21 - 09/01/22) NEW JUNIOR MASTERS Brian Harrison, Pittsfield MA Joeseph Henly, Longmeadoww MA Williaam Park, Gill MA John Pollardm Shelburne MA Kathleen J Kilgus, Pittsfield MA NEW CLUB MASTERS Israel Koren, Amherst MA Norman B Leferman, Dalton MA Lanette D Sweeney Ms Edna M Dugas, Pittsfield MA Magaret Samsel, Pittsfield MA NEW SECTIONAL MASTERS Gary P Ghidotti, North Adams MA Jaime F Long, Stockbridge MA NEW REGINAL MASTERS Steven H Frager, Framingham MA NEW ADVANCED NABC MASTERS Daniel R Hoch, Commington MA NEW BROWNZ LIFE MASTERS Kate Spencer, Montague MA NEW SILVER LIFE MASTERS Jan A Nettler, Florence MA Yan Drabek, Florence MA NEW RUBY LIFE MASTERS Ms Judith A McNutt, Pittsfield MA NEW DIAMOND LIFE MASTERS Mr Paul C Bacon, Belchertown MA Mr Tim E Joder, Landsborough MA

Upcoming Special Games in Northampton

If you need a partner, check out this page: FIND A PARTNER You can put your name, dates and contact info in the document. If you know someone who wants to learn, contact Judy at who is going to start a beginner class soon. A Bridge to Brainpower? <= click to read on!