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Congratulations to our members who have recently achieved new rank status (reported by ACBL 02/01/20 - 08/01/21) NEW JUNIOR MASTERS Laurie Schwartz, Pittsfield MA Julia Zhao, South Deerfield MA NEW CLUB MASTERS Mrs Catherine F Rivers, Dalton MA NEW SECTIONAL MASTERS Kathy M Meyer, Amherst MA NEW REGINAL MASTERS Alvin G Beal, Pittsfield MA Mrs Catherine F Rivers, Dalton MA Liz Hildebrandt, Easthampton MA Mr Ian A Spira, Gt Barrington NEW NABC MASTERS Mr Robert A Brooks, Leverett MA NEW ADVANCED NABC MASTERS Ms Judith A McNutt, Pittsfield MA NEW BRONZE LIFE MASTERS Yan S Drabek, Florence MA NEW SILVER LIFE MASTERS Mr Markus M Wagner, Lenox MA