Swiss Team Event on March 19, 2:45pm

Members of Unit 196 (Western MA Bridge)

We are running a swiss team event on Friday, March 19, at 2:45. We will run this game in place of the regularly scheduled open pairs game run by the Pembury club. The game will be run on BBO, and will be stratified just as the BBO pairs games are stratified.

What you need to know about this game:

Time:  Friday, March 19 at 2:45
Venue:  BBO Virtual games

Who is eligible: Anyone who is eligible to play in the Northampton or Pembury games is eligible

Why play? Two reasons:

  • We have a long tradition in Northampton and Pembury of playing a team game every so often. It is a fun change in the routine.
  • For those who plan to play in the GNT this spring, the format will be a swiss team event on BBO, so this game would be an ideal way to get comfortable with the format. For those who do not know the GNT is a national championship event which begins with an event in each district. Our New England District 25 will send three teams in each of four divisions to a national championship final. Even if you are a relatively new player there is a strat for you.

You should make up a team of four, and plan to register on BBO. As with all our virtual club games the registration opens two hours before game time. Plan to register with at least 20 minutes lead time so we can deal with any problems that arise.

The game is being supported by our District 25. They are providing a director for the game and helping us set everything up. They are taking this initiative so we are prepared for the GNT, but that shouldn’t stop any team that is not planning to enter the GNT from participating. We are hoping for a big turnout. Please check with Judy Hyde(, Philippe Galaski(, Bob Sagor(, or Robert Brodeur( if you have any questions or need help forming a team or registering for the event.

Click here for more instructions on how to register and play in an ACBL Virtual Clubs Swiss Teams Game on BBO.

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