Pembury Bridge Club Schedule

Due to Massachusetts relaxations of the COVID restrictions, we can now return to more comfortable game conduct.
We are still requiring proof of COVID vaccination.  You can show it as you enter, or you can email me a picture of your vaccination card.  Last Wednesday, I was about to send a player home due to not showing me her vaccination card, but she looked through her pocketbook more thoroughly and found it!  For the health of all of us, we are only providing bridge to fully vaccinated players.  To be fully vaccinated, you must have received vaccination shots and waited two weeks after the last shot.  Please do not try to attend if you cannot show documentation.  Once you have shown your documentation on your first visit, you do not need to bring it again.

Beginning Immediately, we will hold 4 games each week:
Mondays – On-Line at 2:45 PM
Tuesdays – On-Line at 2:45 PM
Wednesdays – In Person at 12:30 PM at the church
Fridays – In Person at 12:30 PM at the church

We plan to offer both Open and 299er Sections at both the Wednesday and Friday games.  We had two tables for the 299er Section for the last two games, so we combined them with the Open Section.  As soon as we get three tables or more, we can actually have separate games.
The results of all our games can be found at the following link:

There will be no cost for all in-person games during May and June.  Also, if you let me know when you will be returning to our in-person games, we’ll try to have a name plate prepared for you.  This bonus is to thank you all for getting vaccinated and returning to our games after the last year.
Changes in Restrictions at Our In-Person Games
Masks will no longer be required.  Masks are optional, and have helped reduce the spread of other illnesses during the last year, so feel free to continue wearing a mask.
You will not need to carry your bidding box with you.
You will not need to sign up in advance for games.  

We will not be providing any food or beverages at present, and ask that you do not bring any food to the game.  Please limit your beverages to those you bring in closed containers.  If any spill, it will be your responsibility to clean them up.
If anyone is tested positive for COVID or has symptoms of illness, you must not come to the game.  If anyone tests positive after the game, you must let me know so the state process for contact tracing can be put into effect.

Refresher Class Plans
Many of you have indicated that you would appreciate a refresher class, as your bridge technique is rusty after the last year.  I will provide a refresher class, using the same notes I prepared for the beginner class I ran previously.  As many of you know from those notes and the class, there are many things discussed that are way beyond beginner level, which were included for those who have played previously.  Therefore, many of you may learn things you missed previously!  Please join us:
Dates and times:  Tuesdays, beginning June 15, at 2 PM
Instructors:  Peter Samsel & John DeBaggis

How many classes:  To be determined, based on how quickly we go through the material.  After we complete the planned sessions, we may continue with a couple classes on the 2/1 bidding system, if there’s enough interest.

How long is each class:  We will not be playing bridge hands (even though we did in the beginner class), so the discussion will probably last 1-1½ hours, and definitely less than 2 hours.
Requirement:  Proof of COVID vaccination is required, as with our games.
If you cannot attend on Tuesdays:  I will be holding an additional set of classes, at my mother’s house (so my sister can participate), for a few people.  If you cannot attend on Tuesdays, please let me know, and I will try to schedule these additional classes to accommodate as many as possible.
If you plan to join the classes:  Please let me know, so I can be prepared by having the room set up and having enough handouts.

Peter Samsel
cell:  413-441-5934

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